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Crowded at the Counter?

Crowded at the counter? Designing your restaurant to fulfill orders has never been more complicated – or important. Whether diners visit your restaurant by walking-in, ordering out, or driving-thru, it is imperative

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How To Design a Restaurant Floor Plan

Your restaurant floor plan is the first big step in your kitchen design. More than aesthetics, it will determine the kitchen workflow, servers’ efficiency, and your maximum throughput. Basically, the success of

How Restaurant Chains Are Making Delivery Work

How Restaurant Chains Are Making Delivery Work

Are higher check averages and premium pricing enough to feel confident about the future of delivery service? Many execs think so but some aren’t counting on the future of off-premise dining just

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SEFA recently hosted its first-ever virtual Partnership Conference, marking its 34th anniversary of the annual event. Over 420 Dealers and Suppliers attended the virtual award