Our Values

We Are Driven By Our Values

From initial conversations to the end product, our values are the driving force behind every interaction we have with our team, our vendors, and our clients.
1. Connect and Communicate.

“Effective communication is essential for building lasting relationships from customers and vendors to our entire Avanti tribe! Our connect and communication core value is the heartbeat of our culture in our organization!”

- Shawna Snyder, Director of Chain Accounts
2. Insist on Integrity.

“Avanti is all about what happens after the sale is made, executing and delivering on the promises we make to our customers day in and day out. Our customers know we have their back, and through thick and thin will always be there for them.”

- Mark Rossi, CEO & Founder
3. Think Long-Term.

”Evaluating and evolving what we do each day can lead to many rewards in the future. Working with dedicated customers and vendors over the years has built trust, which has led to proven results and relationships that are irreplaceable. For me, this value allows me to think of bigger and better possibilities for the future of Avanti, and that future looks bright.”

- Michael Paine, Accounts Payable Supervisor
4. See it Through.

“I will do whatever it takes to see something to the end. No matter if it’s the impossible, I can make it possible.”

- Mariah McManaman, Chain Sales Executive
5. Desire to Grow

“Our goal for employees and customers is one and the same—to help them grow, professionally and personally. We are looking for employees and customers who mirror this value, and want to grow with us.”

- Rory Clarke, President

Organizations We Support

At Avanti we are committed to supporting our local communities and helping those in need.