Avanti Virtual Capture™
Technology Services

Avanti Virtual Capture™ Technology Services

Avanti Virtual Capture™ Technology Services or VCap™ empowers you to prepare fully interactive as-built designs in days, not weeks; Providing for easier visualization, project planning, and change order review. Avanti VCap™ Services harness the speed and power of precise point cloud data and channel it into site surveys, field verifications, asset documentation, and verified as-built plans which can be imported into AutoCAD and Revit, as needed.

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Our portal allows you to log in and access your project from anywhere and take measurements, create annotations, and orchestrate communication using text, images, and hyperlinks. Access your VCap™ scan from any computer or handheld mobile device anywhere in the world.

True-to-Life Verified As-Builts

Minimize project timeline, eliminate unnecessary trips, save on project costs and increase project quality. With accuracy down to 1/32 of an inch, nothing is left to chance.

Survey Speed & Safety

Take measurements and collect data from the safety and security of your remote desktop. Reduce the amount of time and potential liability you and your crew spend in the field going back and verifying or collecting those missed measurements in difficult to get to places... Even long after the scissor-lift has been returned.

Scan Layering

Multiple scans layered over one another enable you to toggle back and forth between open walls and floor trenches to closed-up walls and finished floors. Thus, allowing you to go back and pinpoint locations of gas and water lines, post tension tendons, electrical wires, and wall backing locations.

Inspections/ Off-site Punch List

Conduct and manage inspections from the comfort and security of your remote desktop. Inspect multiple projects from your desktop using our webshare platform to review sites and give instant feedback and guidance through annotation and measurement tools.

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