How Does 3D Scanning Work: The Software Behind Point Clouds

Complete Scans
Job sites are scanned from multiple positions to capture walls, columns, and objects from every perspective. Scan positions are then combined into a complete point cloud using a registration process, resulting in a true-to-life 3D point cloud of a region or of the entire building.

Scan Registration
Individual scans are combined using integrated sensors: dual axis compensators, height sensor, and compass to create a comprehensive point cloud.

Advanced Features
Other features include moving objects filter, export and import 3D models in .obj format with textured meshes, Laser-HDR image Creation, export of high resolution panoramic images, and real time on-site registration.

Virtual Reality
Point clouds can be viewed in Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive glasses, allowing users to experience and explore on-site conditions in full detail, back in the safety and comfort of their office.

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