Why You Need Avanti Virtual Capture™ For Your Restaurant Remodel

Anyone who has worked in a kitchen knows how important it is to have an efficient and effective layout. Kitchen equipment and appliances that are positioned to optimize workflow for the entire kitchen staff, allows the team to perform at their best, providing guests with the high-quality food and high-quality service they want and expect.

When planning a kitchen remodel the decisions made early in the process can impact the way a restaurant operates for many years to come. With so much at stake, it only stands to reason that you need to take advantage of every edge you can find. One of the best ways to ensure the best possible results from your project is to take advantage of Virtual Capture by Avanti Restaurant Solutions to provide the most accurate and functional scans of your kitchen space.

What is Virtual Capture with Faro Focus?

Virtual Capture is a method of scanning a space in order to quickly and accurately generate a 3D-model. It takes advantage of a built-in 8-megapixel camera to make a highly detailed rendering of the space, including full-color representations of any surfaces and objects in the room.

It is the premier scanning technology due to the high-end performance it offers. Scans completed with Virtual Capture are accurate to within 1/32 of an inch, so once a model is rendered the measurements it provides can be relied on to be precise. Virtual Capture is also capable of working both indoors and out, and can even capture data in the dark or low light.

The scanning process also maintains its accuracy to a distance up to 66 feet, meaning accurate scans more quickly than alternative options without having to sacrifice the accuracy of your final product.

Who Benefits from Using Virtual Capture?

The reason Avanti uses Virtual Capture with Faro Focus for our scanning projects is that it is, quite simply, the best option available. The high-end performance that Virtual Capture offers has made it the industry standard in a broad range of architecture and engineering fields. When used for a kitchen remodel, it provides value to nearly all teams working on the project.

• Architects: Because Virtual Capture allows for the rapid generation of accurate plans, it is the most effective way to provide the project’s architectural team with the beginning layout. The models created are also able to easily integrate into all the leading CAD programs, meaning the architect can easily get to work making the new plans based on the existing design.

 Contractors: The more accurate information project contractors have, the more effectively they can complete their part of the remodel. With a Virtual Capture backed design, contractors have access to detailed and accurate plans and scans, that can be accessed anywhere through remote access. This allows for more efficient purchasing when buying supplies to help improve the bottom line of the project.

• Project managers: The logistics on a major project like a kitchen remodel can get complicated quickly. Virtual Capture helps to simplify the process. By making it easier to generate accurate plans, and then making it simple for everyone who needs access to those plans to receive them, it significantly cuts down on the complexity of the task for a project manager allowing for more efficient execution.

How Does Virtual Capture Help a Restaurant Kitchen Remodeling or Development Project?

The simplification of process offered by Virtual Capture provides many benefits for a project, starting with the planning phase and carrying through into post-construction assessments. Some of the top benefits of using Virtual Capture for a restaurant kitchen remodel include:

• Scan to plan. Using the accurate scans of Virtual Capture technology is the simplest and quickest way to get an accurate model of the location. Combined with our detailed models of kitchen appliances and workstations, we create a fully-realized 3D model of the proposed renovation. This allows for an accurate feel of the look and layout of the proposed plan to ensure satisfaction of the final product.

• Floor plans. Once scanned, it is easy to generate a floor plan of the space thanks to Virtual Capture. This is preferable even when existing blueprints are present, as the measurements are based on the actual size of all elements of the room. Any variance from the original plans when the prior construction is completed will be accurately represented in the new blueprint.

• Remote access. We provide remote access to your Virtual Capture files, so there is no more worrying about being away from the office and needing to work, or share information with a contractor.

• Quality control. With any major construction project there is going to be some variance between the plan and the exact execution. With a Virtual Capture scan it is easy to assess this variance and ensure that the final product sufficiently corresponds with the plan by performing a scan of the final product and comparing it with the design.

Why Speed Matters with Virtual Capture

When you opt to use Virtual Capture with Avanti on your kitchen build project, one of the biggest and most wide-reaching benefits you’ll experience is the enhanced speed your project takes on. The quicker your kitchen project is completed, the quicker you can move on to the next phase of opening up for use in order to get customers through the door to eat. Every day removed from your project’s development time can translate into a significant boost in your company’s bottom line.

• Quick and easy in the moment. The most easily recognized way that Virtual Capture saves you time is in how much more quickly you can get your measurements completed. Compared to manual measurements or other digital scanning options, Virtual Capture significantly reduces the time it takes to get accurate data for all elements in the room.

• Fast translation. Once you have your measurements you need to convert the data over into your CAD software to allow for proper planning. With Virtual Capture, this integration is quick and easy so you or your planner can get to work on laying out the new look of the kitchen without wasted time developing new models.

• Thorough data reduces trips. A benefit that is easier to overlook is the ability to get every measurement you need the first time, even if you didn’t originally realize you would need it. When manually measuring spaces it’s easy to miss one or to opt not to measure something you don’t think you need only to determine later in the design process that you’d like to know, necessitating a new trip to your kitchen to measure again. With Virtual Capture, you get accurate data even on areas you didn’t think you needed it, so you spend less time going to and from the restaurant and more time handling the other work that needs to be done to prepare to re-open.

If you are preparing for an upcoming remodel for your restaurant kitchen, we can help you get the best results for your project. With the help of our Virtual Capture service, you will reap the reward of accurate and accessible models to help you design the perfect layout for your kitchen and then see that it is carried out to specifications. Contact Avanti Restaurant Solutions today to learn how we can help.

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