Avanti Restaurant Solutions Adds Michael Jernigan as Senior Director of Design-Build

Avanti Restaurant Solutions is excited to announce the expansion of their design-build team with the addition of Michael Jernigan as their Senior Director of Design-Build.

Jernigan is a high-end commercial kitchen designer with 25 years of design and architecture experience. Before joining Avanti, he founded Jernigan Design Associates, completing well over 250 restaurant projects over the years.

He hopes to bring his creative problem-solving skills and a thorough knowledge of the construction process to Avanti’s clients. Jernigan is inspired by his clients’ visions and thrives on designing with boundaries, creating within common constraints like time, physical space, and budget.

“I’m trying to bring my client’s vision to life, whether it’s a simple kitchen or a $5 million house,” said Jernigan. “I try to take what they see and bring it to life, and then add my touches along the way.”

He’s worked with corporations to create visual brand identities and has provided designs and architectural services that have enabled the client to replicate and expand their concepts across multiple markets. Something Avanti is especially excited about for their chain restaurant clients.

What sets his designs apart? Above all, they’re functional. He designs beautiful and understated custom kitchens that keep throughput and operations in mind. They’re anything but pieced together. His signature is clean, where all the pieces fit like they were meant to be.

Jernigan immerses himself in the process, from initial conversations through construction, and purchasing, all the way to the final product. He knows that codes need to be right and details matter early on, or the whole project can go off track. Clients appreciate his dialed-in process and how his construction and industry knowledge ensures a seamless project from beginning to end.

About Avanti Restaurant Solutions

Avanti is a leader in commercial kitchen design, equipment and services, serving national and regional restaurant, entertainment and hotel/hospitality chains, as well as retail and other foodservice facility needs. Avanti’s on-staff expertise includes in-house project management and equipment sourcing, the Design Studio and VirtualCapture Services – to support clients’ concepts and projects from culinary vision to restaurant opening.

Avanti means “Forward” and since our start in 2003, we have provided solutions and services
to help restaurant and foodservice owner/operators move their businesses forward faster – across more than 4,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

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