Our Tribe

Mark Rossi

CEO & Founder

“I love and identify with all of our core values, and Insist on Integrity is one of my favorites. Avanti is all about what happens after the sale is made, executing and delivering on the promises we make to our customers day in and day out. Our customers know we have their back, and through thick and thin will always be there for them.”

Mark founded Avanti in 2003 after growing up in the restaurant equipment industry and working for a family business. Having worked in nearly every facet of the business including customer service, operations, account management, business development and various leadership roles, Rossi felt it was time to create his own organization focused exclusively on chain restaurants and their growth and development. "Avanti is a forward-thinking business that is all about developing people, relationships, and chain restaurants. We want to be the company you think of when growing your brand regionally or nationally. Our people are engaged, passionate, and caring—let us prove ourselves to you and then help you improve your business.”

Rory Clarke


“My favorite core value is Desire to Grow. Our goal for employees and customers is one and the same—to help them grow, professionally and personally. We are looking for employees and customers who mirror this value, and want to grow with us.”

Rory leads Avanti's Operations Team, which manages our customer accounts and the equipment build-out of our restaurant projects. Rory joined Avanti in 2005 with previous experience in project management and mill-work fabrication.

Trey Hoang

Director of Design
“My favorite core value is Desire to Grow. I love when I'm challenged with executing on a new client’s vision. This drives me to research new concepts and thus grow my understanding and knowledge of equipment while delivering functional design to suit our client's needs.”

2007 was the beginning of a personal journey that marked Trey's own desire to grow. He arrived at Avanti with a background in scientific research and construction management. After managing many projects for Avanti, Trey now heads up our design department and ensures the delivery of top-notch 2D and 3D drawings to our clients.

Jenn Pollack

Director of Accounts
“I identify most with our core value Connect and Communicate. It is fundamental in building and maintaining successful relationships. I live this value with everyone I interact with, from clients and vendors to my fellow Avanti team members. The result has been strong and trusting professional and personal relationships that make my career truly rewarding.”

Jenn has solid problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of the construction industry. She joined Avanti in 2007 and has become a master of delivering “unparalleled customer service” to our accounts. Her background includes work in both the residential construction and staffing industries.

Tom England

"The core value that resonates most with me is Insist on Integrity. As a CPA, I feel that integrity is the foundation for all that I do. As I encounter opportunities to practice this value daily, I am inspired to always do the right thing at Avanti."

Tom joined Avanti in 2015 bringing over 25 years of experience in private and public accounting. Tom is a CPA with extensive experience in the construction industry, having held high level management positions for leading national construction companies.


Account Manager
"The challenge of choosing just one of the core values that resonates the most with me is daunting. I truly believe in the power of the collective whole. I love working for Avanti because I am empowered to make intelligent choices for my projects and have the confidence in knowing my decisions are sound as long as I filter them through these values. Each one is crucial in running a great project and fostering wonderful relationships with our clients."

Mariah McManaman

Account Manager

"My favorite is See It Through. I will do whatever it takes to see something to the end. No matter if it’s the impossible, I can make it possible."

Richard Salazar

Project Manager
"The core value that resonates with me most is Insist on Integrity. It is the fundamental cornerstone in building strong, lasting relationships and developing and maintaining trust. My mantra in life is, “A person is only as good as their word.”

Nikki Shishido


"Although each of Avanti’s core values contributes to a cooperative whole, my favorite is Desire to Grow. I am motivated to learn new ideas and to research new ways of getting things done. Taking the time to challenge ourselves in both our professional and personal lives on a daily basis is a goal I not only have for myself, but for our clients as well."

Francesca Mariotti

Project assistant

My favorite core value at Avanti is Think Long Term. When I think down the line, there is a greater probability for success because I am evaluating how a decision will either negatively or positively impact my team. Thinking Long Term with Avanti means preparing for a bright future!

Jamie Hernandez

Inside Sales Consultant

"Desire to Grow is my favorite core value because I am always striving to improve myself both personally and professionally. I love taking on new challenges because I learn quickly through experience. My thirst for knowledge never ends, so working at Avanti is an amazing experience!"

Kyle Yamamoto


"Being in the design world Desire To Grow really means a lot to me. There is a constant progression in styles, trends and technology and I am always willing to learn whatever it takes to keep myself current. Growing my knowledge will allow me to express ideas in new, creative ways."

Michael Hall

Project Manager

"I value Insist On Integrity. In the design department we are detail orientated. We are the first step in the kitchen layout design and it needs to be right. We strive to give our clients functional and practical designs for the real world. Keeping up with industry trends and standards helps us eliminate easy to make mistakes which can easily snowball further down the line. Insist on integrity in everything thing we do."

Sarah Volner

Project Manager
"The Connect and Communicate Value resonates most with me. Everything we do as a company, hinges on great communication. It starts with the relationships we make with our clients, then continues throughout the project and beyond. We spend hours being trained on how to effectively communicate with each other within the company, as well as how to connect with our clients, reps and jobsite personnel. The value of this training is priceless. Our goal is to build a project seamlessly and painlessly for our clients and that requires outstanding communication from beginning to end, in all aspects of the build. This is our job and we do it well. We will prove it and then improve it."

Melissa Kalie

Senior Accountant
“Insist on Integrity” is the core value that resonates with me the most. Integrity is everything to me; I don’t want to interact with people I can’t trust. Here at Avanti, I feel as though people are very honest and straightforward. As an accountant, integrity is vital to my role; when you’re dealing with numbers, every detail should be accurate. Integrity fuels all of my decisions, whether they be business or personal."

Becca Pettas

Project Assistant
Of the five core values, Insist on Integrity really resonates with me. I believe if you don’t live your life or conduct business with integrity that you don’t really have a leg to stand on. I’m happy to be at Avanti and know I’m working for the “good guys”!

Michael Paine

Accounts Payable Supervisor

"If I had to choose a top core value, it would be tough, but I’d choose, Think Long Term. Evaluating and evolving what we do each day can lead to many rewards in the future. Working with dedicated customers and vendors over the years has built trust, which has led to proven results and relationships that are irreplaceable. For me, this value allows me to think of bigger and better possibilities for the future of Avanti, and that future looks bright.”

Melissa Orosco

Accounts Receivable & Credit Specialist
My favorite core value is “Insist on Integrity”. I feel that without integrity your purpose in business and life is without merit or meaning. With integrity we will grow and leave a lasting impression on those whose paths we cross. I look forward to connecting and communicating with all at Avanti Restaurant Solutions.

Walid Seraj

purchasing manager

"My favorite core value is Insist on Integrity. All five core values are within me but Insist on Integrity makes the other four core values much more meaningful. I truly believe that by insisting on integrity for yourself and others makes the whole 100% more efficient, which in turn builds trust and ultimately results in substantial gains, (Spiritually and financially)."

Kara Lieske

Project Manager
The value I relate to the most is Insist on Integrity. I feel that as you step into each new job, if you look to provide not only the customer, but each individual you work with the absolute best customer service, you will gain a customer for life. I apply this outlook to my everyday life as well. Honesty and integrity go a long way with me.

Jennifer Miles

Manager of All Things People
“See it Through is the value that I align with the most. Personally, this is how I take on challenges, adapt to change, and evolve to remain relevant. I believe that no matter how difficult a situation or experience may be, the lessons learned have a positive impact. Professionally, this is the level of commitment and character I strive towards each day: to do what is right, and to take care of our customers and our employees."

Kira Takeshita

Project Assistant

Connect and Communicate resonates with me because it’s a necessary step to achieve the other core values. From day one at Avanti, I have seen how connecting and communicating on every level enables us to excel for our clients. If we have strong bonds of communication, no setback is too great to overcome.

Shawna Snyder

Project Manager

Understanding, believing and executing all the core values is key to not only aligning our organization, but most importantly having successful business relationships. One core value that I most identify with is Insist on Integrity. Integrity is the stem of where trust is built and true partnerships grow from customers to colleagues. Doing the right thing even when we are not in the same room, is the true meaning of integrity.

Chris Mazzilli

Director of Sales

The core value that resonates the most with me is Desire to Grow. As a sales person, it is in my DNA to grow. I also have a passion to help my customers grow and that has become a critical component to my success. I become a part of my customer’s team and a resource they can count on to grow their business. Avanti was a customer of mine for many years prior to me joining the company. I always looked at Avanti as the future of our industry and am excited to not only grow with them… but help them grow.

Heather Pennington

Project Manager

I believe Insist on Integrity is the core value that resonates with me the most because it really encompasses all of our values. Connecting and communicating with our clients, vendors and colleagues ensures we stay integral throughout our time shared on projects and into the future. It is important to maintain integrity in all aspects of life, both personally and professionally, so at the end of the day you know you did the best you could with what you had and feel good about it. That’s how I live my life, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Holly Barrett

Executive Assistant

The Avanti Core Value that resonates most with me is Insist on Integrity. To me, integrity is the heart of all the Avanti Core Values. Success will come and go, but integrity is forever. Integrity means doing the right thing at all times, and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. When we start with integrity, it guides our communications, our goals, and our growth so that we are able to thrive personally and professionally.

Volkan Golpinar

Accounts Payable Specialist

My favorite Avanti Core Value is Desire to Grow. I like this value the most because in order to grow you need to change. As an “Avantian“ I strive for personal and professional growth each day by furthering my education. Learning has helped me create a positive impact with my team and our customers.

Nicolette Stanfill

Project Assistant

The core value that resonates most with me is “Connect and Communicate”. I whole heartedly believe that people do business with people and it is everyone’s job to do everything they can to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. When I put a focus on the people element of my work, I have found that I am more energized, more successful, and happier with both the process and the outcome.

Brendan Murphy

Sales Representative

I believe each of Avanti’s core values contribute to a successful operation, however the value I relate to most is Connect and Communicate. As a Sales Representative my job requires the ability to connect with my customers. Great communication is a key part of building and fostering relationships with our clients.

Our values are the driving force behind every interaction we make!