About Us

Avanti means “forward”, and that's exactly where we've been headed since 2003. Based in California, with offices in both Sacramento & Costa Mesa, we are a national provider of design, equipment, installation, and project management services for growing chain restaurants.

We are your in-house development team. From equipment and project management to 3D renderings and green solutions, we are the people who enable you to focus on your priority—growing your business.

Our diverse team of hands-on project managers, led by industry veteran Mark Rossi, believes there are no preset patterns of doing business, allowing us to consistently go beyond convention and exceed our clients’ expectations. We are a team of forward thinkers who anticipate issues, provide effective solutions, and maintain the highest level of communication throughout each project.

We are the industry's leader to chain restaurant development. “We’ll prove it. Then improve it.”

-Why Avanti?-

Your restaurant is your pride and joy, so it’s understandable that selecting a partner who will help you grow your business is a crucial decision.  Here are 10 reasons why Avanti is the right choice:

1. Your dedicated Account Team.

An Avanti Account team who genuinely cares about the success of your project will follow its progress closely and solve unexpected issues.

2. Our competitive pricing.

We buy tons of equipment, and when we see an awesome hood or cooler, we kind of geek out. That’s why we’ve connected with Sefa, our national buying group, to bring you the benefits of our impressive purchasing power.

3. We save you money with our field dimension verification.

Through on-site field dimensioning and communication with your general contractor, Avanti project managers help avoid costly and tricky “on-the-fly” field redesigns.

4. We’re proactive to the core.

Proactivity is key, especially when you’re as nutty about the details as we are. Everything must fit the first time—that’s why we obsess over design, ordering, installation, logistics, and consolidation to keep you on time and on budget.

5. We’ll be your eyes on the jobsite.

Years of working in the restaurant industry taught us that jobsites don’t always match what the plans show and projects often have unplanned changes.  By being present on the jobsite when needed, we solve these issues before the equipment is delivered and avoid the last minute issues that occur prior to restaurant opening.

6. We're here for you.

We pride ourselves on our loyalty and believe in building strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We can’t wait to learn about your culture so we can break new ground for your business.

7. We’ve established strong partner relationships.

We maintain strong industry relationships across a wide spectrum of suppliers and manufacturers and understand that working with the right people is key to serving your individual needs.

8. Our installation expertise.

Our national network of installers will go the extra mile for us when the times comes.  We treat them well and they return the favor.  Our proactive project management also helps reduce the number of mistakes our installers have to solve in the field.

9. We get you there on time and on budget.

If something is holding us up, you'll hear about it when it happens, not when it's too late. Our successful project scheduling is based on communicating accurate lead times and taking responsibility for collecting field dimensions with time to spare.

10. We support you even after the job’s done.

After your project is complete, we are here to help with any issues involving your equipment, from supplying warranty manuals and maintenance logs to walking you through the warranty facilitation program. 

Our Customers

Chain restaurants are our main clients and we bring them solutions for quick growth. Our approach to restaurant projects ensures:

  • Brand consistency
  • Adherence to corporate protocols
  • Guidance for franchisees
  • Standardized equipment packages
  • Management of all design, ordering and installation elements
  • Professional equipment for the best value
  • Optimum design and flow of space
  • A large network of trustworthy contractors
Industry Partners: Architects and General Contractors

Sometimes we provide design services directly for a restaurant owner, or sometimes we work with the hired architecture firm. We also provide design consulting. With our design services, we will:

  • Identify staff and patron flow in the kitchen and front-of-house
  • Specify the right set of fixtures and equipment
  • Provide input early in the process to help anticipate issues
  • Navigate health code requirements
  • Create prototype drawings & 3D renderings 

Avanti collaborates with general contractors and supports them by anticipating challenges and issues on every project. We support our general contractors by:

  • Ensuring project plans are accurate and complete
  • Obtaining field dimensions to confirm that equipment and fixtures will fit properly the first time
  • Providing specialty subcontractors when needed
  • Streamlining communication among all on-site team members